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I always wanted to draw Mynos wearing Tricks collar


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I always wanted to draw Mynos wearing Tricks collar





how people use to imagine the future:


how people now imagine the future:


this actually says so much about society

holy shit

Ok, this is a topic on which I have a lot of feels – I am deeply into old sci-fi and how the genre has shifted and changed. I LOVE shit like and This is a startlingly simplified view.

Some of the earliest sci-fi had scary and/or dystopian elements; The Time Machine chronicles the ultimate fall of human society and the extinction of humanity and the destruction of the planet. Frankenstein is about scary scary science and the dangers of ‘playing god’ (also fundamental fears about parenting but that’s a whole other level of analysis). War of the Worlds. Brave New World. Sci-fi has always been a mixed bag of ‘shit, the future is going to be fucking terrible because human beings are terrible and Science has gone too far!’

WWI and WWII changed the way the world worked and understood itself. Superweapons. Pandemics. Invasion. Fear of totalitarian governments and social apathy and eugenics and genocide, because these things -happened-. The world -knew about them-.

But there was a rash of utopian pulp sci-fi in the middle of the 20th century kicked off by the 1926 publication of Amazing Stories and cresting during the 1940’s-50’s Golden Age of Science Fiction, where America was convinced that everything was going to continue being as awesome as the post WWII boom forever. This is your Isaac Azimov/Buckminster Fuller/Jacque Fresco ‘domes and flying cars and robot butlers and shiny skyscrapers and perfectly planned cities’ era. Everything would be mass produced, and made of aluminum and plastic, and nuclear powered, and insulated with asbestos. We would all live in Monsanto’s House of Tomorrow. Everything would be irradiated to sterility and covered in DDT to prevent bugs and it would be -awesome-.

That’s what picture A is from.

But then we had a cultural revolution and oppressed people no longer being quietly tolerant of oppression (not that they ever were, but organized mass social movements etc made possible by increased facility of communication) , and there was the looming threat of nuclear war, and the awareness of globalization, and we started being aware of the impact of the 1950’s prefab suburb culture re: ecological devastation. American ideology shifted; war was tragic, not glorious. Technology was suspect, not universally awesome. The future might be very fucking bleak, because nuclear war and biological weaponry and economic devastation and ecological devastation.

That’s what picture B is from.

Thing is? Either picture A or picture B could be from any era of sci-fi, really. Because it’s always been a tug-of-war between utopia and dystopia, wherein things will be frickin’ awesome in the future OR we’re all maniacs who blew it up, damn us all to hell.

Also lbr, this could be two pictures of different cities in the same imaginary country. Or two different suburbs in the same city. The first one is the tourism brochure from the city council, and the second one is where the actual citydwellers live. You know, the poor ones, that no one wants to talk about in brochures.

Really there are some real life cities that look this different in promotional materials vs real people’s experience.

That first picture looks a bit more sinister now, huh?


White girls Vs Black girls being accused of talking shit


Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger: The Conference, 2010-2011

crystals grown on electronics 

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animaniacs was ahead of its time

I have to remind myself and the angry fandom side of tumblr about this periodically or this damn website might implode


Warner Bros. Animation studios was one of the first, if not the first, major media producers to be introduced to, and subsequently effected by, internet “nerd” culture.

Tiny Toon Adventures was on television around the time the internet started to gain popularity, and Warner Bros. found themselves the unwilling targets of various letters and emails from several people in the furry fandom (which, before this point, had been mostly unheard of), requesting naked pictures of Babs Bunny and other characters. One dude in particular sent scores of letters to Tress MacNielle, Babs’ voice actress, describing sexual acts that he wanted to do to the characters she voiced. It became such a problem that Tress began cancelling appearances and soon lost interest in working on Tiny Toons altogether. The show was canceled not long after that.

The man who continually harassed Tress became the inspiration and base model for the “obsessed internet nerd” trope character that would appear at the end of the final episode of Tiny Toons (as “the most frightening thing in the world”), as well as in future shows, such as Animaniacs.



until april 25th on steam, you can get Portal 2 for just $4.99!
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until april 25th on steam, you can get Portal 2 for just $4.99!

the orignal portal is marked down to $2.49!

and you can get the bundle with both games for $6.24!


If you haven’t played either of these games, do yourself a favor and get them hella cheap.



Boost it, electrocute it, rocketship it

She is currently behind Justin Bieber and Katy Perry.
Can we please not let that happen, thanks

steamslinky replied to your post “steamslinky replied to your post:my computer sometimes crashes and…”

Technically Macs use EFI junk, but found the Beep codes. Three beeps is “no good banks” which could be bad RAM, or that the RAM isn’t seated in the socket correctly. You could try popping it out then reinserting it firmly.

Mmm, yeah, that sounds about like what people were saying when I did a quick google search over the problem. I reaally hope its just not seated right and not something more serious >_> It feels like when I try to do too much too fast my computer just can’t handle it and it ends up crashing/beeping. 


When you grow to like characters that you know are going to die. 

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Went on a bike ride through my local reservoir today

The beeping sounds like a BIOS error code. Not sure though, and to know what the code is you’ll have to figure out what your bios is cause they all have different codes.…

Thats just for pc right? I am using a mac. (macbook pro 2011 os x 10.7.5)

the bad thing about secondlife is that like, you could be the most ambitious person in the world, you could lovingly recreate all of hogwarts or any studio ghibli movie you want and you can preen over it to perfection and make it look amazing and sharp and keen AND obey secondlife’s bullshit issues, but unless you have enough money (which can easily rack up over 100 dollars if you want a whole sim) then theres really not much you can do

and i think that stifles a lot of the creativity that secondlife could be used for; it could be super exploratory and beautiful but people simply cant shell out the hundreds of dollars to display something as grandiose as a recreation of a movie, or a giant cave system, et cetera

which is why you just find a lot of. shops. hangouts. rarely you find something thats there for the sake of exploration and they tend to disappear after a while as people visit it, appreciate how pretty it is, then never pay to keep it up

ok but, what was is it about barney that makes ~13 year olds go into a foaming, homicidal rage

my computer sometimes crashes and lets out a horrendous, loud beeping noise in intervals of three. and its been doing it a LOT more often nowadays, almost every day for the past 4 days or so. before that it was pretty rare.

its definitely a problem with RAM but i dont know, like, how exactly. people are saying it’s a hardware issue but… ive never opened up my computer, ever. do I not have *enough* ram? is there an issue with the ram? people say its an indicator of ‘bad ram’ but what does that mean

it seems to almost always do this when I am running a game thru parallels and i guess that’s just too much for my little macbook pro to handle :/